New Generation log management system built for today’s distributed environments
StormEye SIEM

What is StormEye?

To protect your cyber safety with the power of logging

StormEye, a security information and event management (SIEM) system, consist of a log source collector, a large-scale logging database and a real-time data analytic system. They play key-roles in collecting log sources from different devices and services, real-time processing the collected logs and serving the log data in our blazing-fast database. No matter the network size and structure, StormEye deploys in either a self-hosted or SaaS environment. Organizations can overview their cybersecurity postures and potential threats and breaches at any time via StormEye portal.


Incident management

Infinite retention

StormEye SIEM

Advantage to your Business

Prepare for unknown

Organization networks are at risk of digital threats now more than ever. That is why organizations start collecting cybersecurity log data and metrics for the needs of defences and compliances. Combatting the daily bad-actor attacks such as infiltrating organization systems, exfiltrating internal data assets, or even ransomware attacks, collecting cybersecurity log data and metrics helps organizations complete the insight into seeing anomalies, threats, and problems, to increase the chance of finding the root cause of the issue and effectively mitigating the impact.

Products Features

Seamlessly integrates with popular platforms and systems
Deploys self-hosted on-premise, private cloud, public cloud or multi-cloud
Serves with blazing-fast database for real-time performance and queries
Flexible Retention
Retains your log data as long as you need without much worrying about
Scales up processors and databases to serve hundreds of terabytes with no compromises
Cost Effective
Groundbreaking technologies to save your cost to do big
SIEM Easy to setup and integrate

Easy to setup and integrate

StormEye, a security information and event management (SIEM) system, is an all-in-one log management platform that is easy to install, use, and scale. StormEye has unique features that help integrates effortlessly with existing tech stacks. With our easy-to-use built-in tech support, users are able to customize datalog types and alert for the unique needs of different functions with different environments, which makes integrating StormEye into existing systems is simple and quick.

Runs in every environments

Organization networks can be very different and complicated compared to others. StormEye provides a wide range of deployment options include self-hosted on-premise, public cloud and private cloud to fit the needs. Organizations do not need to worry about the complexities and difficulties of StormEye system implementation.


Enterprise scalability

Cybersecurity should keep pace with enterprise scalability and StormEye should scale as well. StormEye provides the ability to scale up its processor and database capacities with no compromise. Organizations can scale the capacity at any time according to their needs.

Blazing-Fast database

StormEye serves the blazing-fast database for every client to query their log data in real-time. Organizations no longer need to wait for the data query time even the query output size is large.

StormEye SIEM

Real-time processing

With StormEye’s groundbreaking processing technology, collected log data are processed in real-time. No matter how large is the volume of the data that send to StormEye, data is ready immediately for query and investigation.

Incident Management

Collected system and platform log data can be the fingerprints of a cybersecurity breaching incident. StormEye generates alerts by monitoring potential anomalies and malicious activities to notify organizations to aware of the issue.

StormEye SIEM
StormEye passive monitoring

Passive monitor

To port into StormEye, the syslog protocol for devices is used. Therefore no interference or block of the existing network or packet, not doing any network monitoring or packet inspection.

Active protection

StormEye provides visibility to all documents and files by logging all data. It reduces the loss from accidents and the potential of insider file yhreats.

StormEye SIEM Active protection


High compression

Ingest Any Format

Custom parsers

Fast Ingest


Product Plus

Let our Experts Defense Your System with StormEye.

Outsource your security operations to us. We actively monitor and analyze your cyber threats and alerts.Hackers are getting sophisticated and hidden, tracing their tracks, and defensing your system are painful. But hackers know hackers, with our professionals, your digital assets are safely secured. Alerts may not always be real but there are patterns to analyze. We save your time to view alerts. We alert you.