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De Groote - De Man


De Groote – De Man is an innovative law firm that specializes in the fields of Privacy & IT Business Law, Criminal Law, Real Estate Law and Family Law. Seated in Belgium, they service businesses and private clients throughout the world. In 2017, DGDM was even awarded the title of “Most Innovative Law Firm in Europe” by Financial Times.

Service and Experience

Cookie Policy

Audit of data processing throughout your entire organization

Setting up ecosystems and agreements for data processing and data sharing

Drafting third party contracts for data sharing and processing

Privacy statement

Identifying other data processors amongst your partners and clarifying responsibilities

International data transfer arrangements

Cooperation with StormEye

As a partner of StormEye, De Groote-De Man will assist StormEye customers in the following ways:

Provide support for web privacy statement

Handling Public relations and legal issues after cyber security incidents

Provide consulting services on information technology and personal data protection regulations in different regions