Incident Response

Check cyber-attack origin and provide related cybersecurity suggestions

What is Incident Response?

Incident response means helping enterprises to identify the attack and recommend for mitigation of the incident and potential risks, such as being hacked or data leaked. Each incident may be different, StormEye’s Incident Response can be applied on various situations.

Incident Response is including but not limited to the below areas:


Check attack origin


Analyze short-term impact


Collect evidence and information


Suggest mitigation measures


Remove malware

Provide quotation within 4 hours at the earliest
On-site or remote checking depends on the situation
Assist related departments for reporting and the public relations for handling*

Cybersecurity Health Assessment

Cybersecurity Health Assessment is to perform an overall check of the enterprise's workstations and servers. It helps enterprises to understand the general cybersecurity status and potential risks.
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Penetration Test

Penetration Test is the cybersecurity check for evaluating vulnerabilities and potential risks on the corporate's workstations and networks. It is also provides recommendation on fixing vulnerabilities and risks
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Security Information and Event Management

Security Information and Event Management is a self-developed cybersecurity solution that provides real-time analysis of logs and events generated by applications and network appliances. It helps to monitor potential risks and detects suspicious activities such as hacking attempt and data leaking.
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Cybersecurity Training

Training is an unavoidable and indispensable in cybersecurity. It shapes better culture of an enterprise. StormEye provides real life and updated situations and examples which are easy understandable to all-level of employees.
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