NexGen Threat Detection & Prevention System

Cyber threats are going underground and hidden nowadays, enterprises may require too much effort to monitor the network traffic and service logs. With Stormeye’s Next Generation products, enterprises can monitor issues via the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system and communicate with our security team for further security analysis.

NexGen Intrusion Detection System

To combat the advanced cyber threats, Next Generation Intrusion Detection System (IDS) can help spotting and hunting threats on-the-fly in network traffic.

Security Operation Centre (SOC)

With combinding Machine Learning and human expertise, our SOC can quickly hunt down threats detected from your network and keep your business safe.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

SIEM is the portal of accessing the security events and logs of the enterprises. It provides a real-time update on the status of your security Users can analyse events and create follow-up cases for further analysis.

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GDPR Finally Comes

What happens if cooperate data has been leaked?

According to the GDPR, a personal data breach occurs when there’s a breach of security leading to the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure of, or access to, personal data processed. If this happens, the organization holding the personal data must notify the supervisory authority without undue delay. If the personal data breach is likely to result in a high risk to your rights and freedoms and the risk hasn’t been mitigated, then you, as an individual, must also be informed. – – GDPR, European Commission

  • Articles 32,  to 34 and Recitals (85) to (88) of the GDPR

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``NexGen Threat Detection & Prevention System ``

Who Are We?


We are a cybersecurity firm based in Hong Kong, providing tailor-made cyber security systems and services to help clients combat against cyber threats. Our specialists in this field are multilingual with international experience. Thus, we understand customers operating in different industries and environments, and their needs in mitigating risks arising from the kinds of cyber security attacks unique to them.



Stormeye 資安週報 (5/5/2019 ~ 11/5/2019)

以色列Israel Defense Forces (IDF) 發射導彈炸毀黑客建築物以色列政府的軍方部隊 Israel Defense Forces (IDF) 日前發射導彈炸毀有指是哈馬斯黑客份子 (Hamas cyber operatives)基地的建築物,並宣稱成功停止黑客入侵及瓦解該黑客組織。此事有指為世界第一個開打網路戰的第一彈,但同時被質疑軍方消息是否可靠及是否確定黑客份子正處於該建築物而非使用被入侵並用作跳板的受害者電腦。 WordPress 插件 WPGraphQL 發現有嚴重漏洞受影響軟件: WPGraphQL, WordPress plugin受影響版本: 0.2.3WordPress 插件 WPGraphQL 被發現有不需要經過授權能執行管理員指令,可導致黑客全權接管網站,建議馬上更新插件到最新版並檢查網站日誌和可疑行為。 WordPress 正式發佈 5.2 版本 加強安全性及自動更新新版本Wordpress 正式發佈,此版本將加上自動更新功能,為Wordpress網站自動更新到最新版本以防止有任何因為未更新Wordpress而帶來的危機。為保障此自動更新功能的可靠性,Wordpress官方亦加上加密功能去確保更新伺服器回傳的檔案並未有被修改。同時官方亦簡介一下在5.3或5.4版本中會加入插件自動更新功能及Code signing,以確保插件安全。 Biance 幣安 再次被駭 盜走7,000枚比特幣(Bitcoin)相關交易資料: 幣安 宣佈 8May2019 發現一起黑客入侵,黑客疑似在入侵前已獲取了大量使用者的API密鑰及個人資料,同時亦能繞過雙重認證檢查,估計是一起帶針對性的釣魚攻擊。事件中有7,000…

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ECShop 漏洞 2018年9月

ECShop 漏洞 黑客可通過WEB攻擊直接獲得服務器權限 阿里雲應急中心在實測中證實。 ECShop全部版本(包括2.x、3.0.x、3.6.x)均存在遠程代碼執行漏洞。 阿里雲態勢感知數據研究中心監控數據顯示,該漏洞容易使用,可以造成的破壞強,並已經發現入侵跡,需要用戶進行修補。 include/lib_insert.php中,以下兩個Var的定義容許非特定類型輸入。 $arr[id] $arr[num] 導致可以在未登入情況下修改並注入木馬 #定義 #漏洞 #網絡保安#SOC

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證監早在上年十月已公佈有關網絡保安的指引。當中,除左一般公司都可以應付的危機處理機制、正確建立系統外,Stormeye的網絡監察就可以幫持牌公司:2.5 偵測關鍵系統伺服器及工作站內的惡意應用程式及惡意軟件。3.1(e) 審視內部和外部稽查及網絡保安檢視所識別出的重大發現;批准作出補救行動及監察有關工作直至行動完成為止;3.1(f) 監察及評估最新的網絡保安威脅及攻擊; 證監會及金管局處理與互聯網交易相關的黑客入侵,以下為連結證監2018年9月3日 SM Lam 

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