Cybersecurity Training

The best defenses come from knowing the attacks

Staff training

Educating and training employees is the key to ensuring that all parties in an organisation understand the safety risks and adopt good safety work practices. Improving employees’ awareness of network security can prevent various ways of intrusion and achieve better network security effects. The training services provided by StormEye are designed for different management level to ensure that all employees can understand and prevent the latest cybersecurity threats. Our training services include internal or external training services and guidance on topics related to cybersecurity to improve employees’ cybersecurity awareness.

  • Password management
  • Phishing prevention
  • Cyber threat 2020
  • Online payment security
OSCP 課程簡介

Management culture and policy management 


Employees security awareness


Incident notification procedure policy

Cybersecurity Health Assessment

Cybersecurity Health Assessment is to perform an overall check of the enterprise's workstations and servers. It helps enterprises to understand the general cybersecurity status and potential risks.
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Penetration Test

Penetration Test is the cybersecurity check for evaluating vulnerabilities and potential risks on the corporateʼs workstations and networks. It is also provides recommendation on fixing vulnerabilities and risks
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Security Information and event Management (SIEM)

The Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a cybersecurity solution that provides real-time analysis of logs and events generated by applications and network appliances. It helps to monitor potential risks and detects suspicious activities such as hacking attempt and data leaking.
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Incident Response

When cybersecurity incident occurs like being hacked or data leaked, StormEyeʼs incident
response service helps enterprises to identify the attack and recommend for mitigation of the incident and potential risks.
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