Cybersecurity Service Overview

Every solution is designed in the most effective way from users’ perspectives to satisfy their requirements.

Characteristics of StormEye's services

Professional Background

StormEye seldom outsources its services, many invested cases reflect each outsourced case raises the risk of data leakage. Therefore, StormEye must list out all employees’ tasks and their academic background for reference. (Legal and accounting works are exclusive)

Action speaks louder than word

To maximize enterprises’ profits, StormEye examines and explains the feasibility and difficulty of each case to the clients because StormEye understands under limited human resources, precious information can only be protected through effective communication.

Practical experience

From StormEye’s perspective, cybersecurity cannot be talked about stratagems on paper, all employees are equipped with a lot of practical working experience. So that, they can make recommendations that fit in reality.

Emergency Help

StormEye’s services are flexible, no matter when and where the enterprises are, StormEye can help them to solve urgent cybersecurity problems when they are needed.

On-the-job training

StormEye provides various on-the-job training to employees in order to enhance and update the latest cybersecurity news, trend and information to them that makes them always are well-prepared in the competitive environment.
CyberSecurity Services

Enterprise-level cybersecurity services

Since StormEye established, it has already served numerous enterprises in different scales, including Chinese enterprises, multinational enterprises, large-scaled accounting forms and brokerage firms. StormEye’s business area has been developed to South East Asia, like Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. StormEye can always provides the best cybersecurity services to you.