Cybersecurity Service Overview

Our mission is to develop the most cost-effective cybersecurity solution for your enterprise.

Cybersecurity Testing To Penetration Testing

We provide cybersecurity testing services and penetration testing services at different levels. You can understand the cybersecurity blind spot of your enterprise for further improvement.

  • Basic Cyber Health Check – our professional penetration testing specialists will conduct a cyber health review for your computer system and internal network. We will also provide an integrated technical report according to the complexity and requirements of your enterprise. The price is attractive for SMEs who would like to explore cybersecurity services for the first time.
  • Comprehensive Cyber Security Testing – Stormeye arranges cybersecurity checks for your enterprise in three categories.  First, we will conduct a survey to examine your employees’ network usage behavior and their experiences in handling cybersecurity incidents.  Then, we will examine your enterprise’s internal cybersecurity policy and culture for evaluation.  Lastly, we will perform a cyber health check for evaluating vulnerabilities on your workstations and network system.  This solution is especially designed for enterprises that experienced recent cyber events or personnel changes of IT. Considerable time and resources may be required to perform the comprehensive test. Enterprises can ultimately enhance security profiles with comprehensive understanding of their needs and issues.
  • Advanced Penetration System Testing – our senior cybersecurity specialists provides more in-depth and comprehensive penetration testing against the internal network and servers. This is especially for those mission critical systems with important information and customer data.
Understand your needs

Data Protection Officer

Starting from the enforcement of GDPR in 2018, the position of Data Protection Officer has become necessary for every company.  Due to the limited company scale and resources, it could be difficult for companies to allocate sufficient human resources that are responsible for network security and personal data protection.  StormEye provides professional outsourcing service for companies to serve as a third-party Data Protection Officer (DPO) and allows your company to keep on focus on your strengths.

StormEye advices enterprises to pay attention to the followings when looking for a Data Protection Officer or exploring the related position:

  1. The officer should understand the company’s culture, but not just limited to IT operations.
  2. The officer should be authorised to directly report to the Board of Directors.
  3. Different public guilds and societies provide seminars explaining the roles and functions of a Data Protection Officer. StormEye also provides seminars and technical trainings where enterprises can participate and gain more understanding about the topic.

StormEye Service Features

Practical Experience

StormEye’s highly certified security specialists are multilingual with international and hands-on experience in system building which can help to deliver comprehensive recommendations to your enterprise.

After-work training

StormEye provides different kinds of cybersecurity training program, even the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) preparation course for colleagues to acquire the most updated and practical cybersecurity information and techniques.

Emergency Help

StormEye provides services with high flexibility. Under any circumstances, we provide 24/7 services for your enterprise solving emergency security needs anytime.

Few words, more deeds

Bringing maximum cost-effectiveness to your enterprise, StormEye can help enterprises evaluate the feasibility and identify the potential risk of every project. We understand that under the situation of limited human resources, high efficient communication is crucial to protect your company’s data.

Professional Background

StormEye understands outsourcing might increase the risk of leaking company’s data. Thurs, we provide transparency on employees’ work and qualification background to our clients (excluding legal and accounting work).
CyberSecurity Services

Enterprise-level Cyber Security Service

Since StormEye was founded, we have offered services to dozens of enterprises including state-owned enterprises, multinational companies, large-scale accounting firms, and licensed security institutions. We are also expanding our business to Southeast Asia regions, such as Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. We aim and promise to provide the most assured cybersecurity consultant service to enterprises.