Technology progressed and the Internet was morphing into the data Hoover it is today, StormEye is your modern protections choice.

Facts about cybersecurity


of enterprise documents are not well protected


of cyberattack focus on SMEs


pic of data had been leaked in the first 6-month in 2019

CyberSecurity Services

Enterprise-level Cyber Security Service

StormEye has offered services to dozens of enterprises including state-owned enterprises, multinational companies, large-scale accounting firms, and licensed security institutions. We aim and promise to provide the most assured cybersecurity consultant service to enterprises.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

StormEye’s SIEM system give your enterprise all-rounded support against the ever-changing cyber environment, minimize the opportunity cost and improve operation efficiency by bringing a better working environment and detailed working record to your enterprise.

OSCP Course

With the increasing frequency of sophisticated attacks, network security professionals with professional knowledge are more important than ever. Our OSCP courses facilitate the training of professional network security professionals, allowing students to learn an in-depth understanding of various rules and techniques for penetration testing.

StormEye Service Features

Self-developed system

StormEye self-developed cybersecurity system can help to protect your enterprise network effectively.


StormEye local employees can help to eliminate language, time zone, and cultural barriers, to carry out effective communications.

Professional Expert

StormEye founder acquired several professional hacking and security audit certifications, providing professional and intimate consulting services.

Global Vision

StormEye provides services in different professional areas, such as GDPR and California’s cybersecurity law. Our connections with global partners help to provide suitable advice and service for your enterprise.

Our Achievement

Cyberport Incubation Programme

Cyberport Incubation Programme

Cyberport Incubation Programme supports entrepreneurs and start-ups with resources that aim to accelerate their growth.

In addition to a range of business and professional services, incubatees get up to HK$500,000 support over 24 months. Incubatees can participate in the programme on-site at Cyberport, or off-site at their own premises.

On top of Cyberport Incubation programme, Cyberport provides a comprehensive platform to foster success for digital tech entrepreneurs.

The “Cybersec Infohub” (the “Programme”) is a partnership programme to promote closer collaboration among local information security stakeholders of different sectors to share cyber security information and jointly defend against cyber attacks. We provide a cross-sector cyber security information sharing and collaborative platform codenamed “” and organise industry events to facilitate effective exchange of cyber security threat information, mitigation strategies, best practices and knowledge.


No matter a multinational enterprise or a small-scale IT department, StormEye can help to protect your network.

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