Cybersecurity Health Assessment

Evaluate enterprise’s current cybersecurity status and potential risk, so as to strengthen its cybersecurity protection.

Cybersecurity Health Assessment

Cybersecurity Health Assessment is an innovative information security risk assessment tool, it helps enterprises qualifying their cybersecurity risk, and continuously monitoring its cybersecurity status, which helps managers understand the enterprise’s overall cybersecurity to formulate suitable information management policies.

Undergoing below activities, such as:

  • Employee has installed unauthorized software or process
  • Employee has installed illegal software
  • Employee has installed a virtual private network (VPN) to prevent monitoring from enterprise
  • Employee’s personal computer operating system has not been updated
  • Enterprise’s network has been threatened by ransomware
  • Enterprise’s or employee’s account password has been leaked
  • Enterprise’s or employee’s account has been improper
  • Enterprise’s network and database has been attacked by hackers

Acquiring below information from the enterprise to check the risk of data leakage and suspicious activities:


Network architecture


Computer devices


Internet Protocol


Computer logs

Working process

  • 1st Step

    Confirm the scope of work with client
  • 2nd Step

    Acquire related information from client
  • 3rd Step

    Conduct assessment
  • 4th Step

    Deliver written report and result from the previous assessment
  • 5th Step

    Provide suggestions and assist implementation with client
StormEye provides a s cybersecurity check for evaluating vulnerabilities on the corporate’s workstations and network system. It is used to identify vulnerabilities, potential risks, and potential data leakage as well as providing recommendations on fixing vulnerabilities
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Incident response

When cybersecurity incident occurs like being hacked or data leaked, StormEyeʼs incident
response service helps enterprises to identify the attack and recommend for mitigation of the incident and potential risks.
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Security Information and event Management (SIEM)

The Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a cybersecurity solution that provides real-time analysis of logs and events generated by applications and network appliances. It helps to monitor potential risks and detects suspicious activities such as hacking attempt and data leaking.
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