CyberSecurity System

We protect network, no matter to multinational enterprise or a small-scale IT department

New Generation Cyber Threats Detection and Defense system

Our Ace Product

StormEye self-developed new generation cyber threats detection and defense system help the IT department understand enterprises’ current status of corporate cybersecurity more accurately and effectively and reduce the worries on excessive internet traffic workload. With effective cybersecurity information and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), enterprises can focus on business development and minimize security expenditure.

  • Support enterprises with our proud, self-developed and highly customized system
  • Our highly certified security specialist resolve technical problems in the preparation seminar to eliminate sales procedure
  • Speed up the systems’ operation by focusing on an important component

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Security information and event management (SIEM)

StormEye’s SIEM system give your enterprise all-rounded support against the ever-changing cyber environment, minimize the opportunity cost and improve operation efficiency by bringing a better working environment and detailed working record to your enterprise.

StormEye’s SIEM system can help enterprises to maintain network logs and provide a one-stop solution for companies with different licensing requirements. Options of cloud-native, hybrid-cloud and on-premise solution are provided

  • Finishing the consulting and implementing procedures in 3 weeks
  • Satisfying your needs in different places
  • Offering free trial up to half a year. *Only pay for equipment or cloud set up fee

Features of the StormEye Cyber Security System

100% Hong Kong enterprise, 100% Customized service, Free trial up to half a year.

Local self-developed system

Our Self-developed system brings you the most carefree cyber security experience.

Blind Spot Solution

StormEye understands the blind spot in the traditional system, we allow enterprises to grasp the overall situation of the network security system.

System Protection

Our system development specialists have experiences in dealing with crises for multinational companies and defense agencies, providing excellent protection for your system.

Increasing Working Efficiency

Hong Kong local company, eliminate cultural barriers and achieve network security goals effectively and efficiently.

The 2020

From the 2010s to the 2020s. What are you waiting for?

In 2020, an ever-changing environment, the most convenient cybersecurity system is needed to meet unseen challenges.

Choose to face or to escape?

The risks of cybersecurity will become more serious as your enterprise develops. Contact us as soon as possible to understand your risks.